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ENTASYS performs sanitization operations according to certified protocols. Video inspections with remote-guided robots, samples with buffer and remediation of the air ducts, to rebalance the air quality and improve the energy efficiency of the plant. The compliance release of the Air Treatment Unit certifies the health of the air and indoor workplaces, and adapts your company to the legal obligations.

Sanificazione condotte aerazione

Cleaning air ducts

Entasys carries out the recovery service of the Air Treatment Units, restoring the initial project conditions and performance. A conservative restoration, which has the fundamental function of restoring the integrity of all the internal surfaces of the Unit, eliminating oxidation, corrosion, limestone deposits and the flaking of insulated panels. This service is very important to restore the normal operation of the machine, because it eliminates those problems and failures that compromise its performance and functionality.

Canale aeraulico prima della pulizia e sanificazioneCanale aeraulico dopo la pulizia e sanificazione

Air duct before and after surgery

The know-how acquired in the field of pipeline reclamation, allows Entasys to carry out targeted interventions in the A.T.U. both from the mechanical point of view and to adapt to the filtering sections. The recovery interventions A.T.U. well reclaimed allows to save the company significant shares in terms of electricity absorption, estimated over 10%.

Dust particles are deposited inside the air conditioning systems, in which pathogenic bacterial forms such as micro-organisms and bacteria are found in the free state. In such environments the bacterium finds nourishment and shelter from environmental conditions that would otherwise be able to kill or inhibit free-living forms. Some microorganisms are capable of inducing bacterial pneumonia in humans which, in high percentages, is fatal. Microbial transport takes place by inhalation, seriously endangering the health of those who live and work in environments with controlled ventilation.
Entasys carries out reclamation of air systems and pipelines through protocols certified by the most important company institution worldwide. Structural analysis of the plant, including a video inspection survey with wire-guided robot and depressing the plant. Through the application of an aspirator equipped with an Epa filter and conveying all deposits in the aspirator by means of perturbing elements (electro-brushes, compressed air probes).
The aerosolization of a disinfectant inside the pipelines concludes the cleaning. Finally, the filmed surveys and micro biological samples allow the drafting of the legal protection certification. The micro-biological samples taken are analyzed by laboratories accredited by SINAL to certify the intervention.

Pulizia Canali Aria

Cleaning of ventilation systems

Entasys operates in the field of environmental remediation and safety certification of air systems, carrying out preventive and predictive actions, aware that acting before the manifestation of problems is advantageous from an economic point of view, legal protection, and due to the safety of those who use and live in such environments.

Living in healthy places is an absolute priority: for this reason we must pay attention to the conditions of the air conditioning, heating or ventilation systems.

When such systems are in poor hygienic condition, or have not undergone adequate remediation treatments, the air we breathe can be unhealthy and dangerous.
Taking action beforehand therefore becomes a necessity.

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Sanificazione ambientale anti COVID-19
Sanificazione ambientale anti covid-19