Cleaning and sanitizing of ventilation systems in boats

Ventilation systems are also present in cabin boats. We talk about yachts, pleasure boats or majestic cruise ships. The air conditioning system branches into each room below deck through the aeraulic ducts. A central system filters the air and sends it cleaned and air-conditioned.

As with the ventilation systems present in buildings, even in boats there is a need to clean up and sanitize the aeraulic ducts which over time become dirty due to dust and grease which over time can cause the proliferation of molds and microorganisms that are harmful to human health.
The cleaning and sanitizing intervention prevents the diffusion of unhealthy air in the frequented areas of the boat. The routine maintenance plan of the ventilation systems is usually sufficient to allow the optimal sealing of the system. Once a periodic period of time has been established, the filters are replaced and the aeraulic ducts are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized until disinfection.

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Sanitizing the air ducts is essential for those who live on board

Worldwide in recent years there is the fear of the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Merchant ships supply the world with goods, the possibility of carrying the coronavirus is very high. Already before. the pandemic was required by law (Legislative Decree 81/2008 – Safety in the workplace), to sanitize the aeraulic ducts under extraordinary maintenance.
To ensure accurate sanitation work, strict protocols and latest generation technology are required to reach all parts of the ventilation system. Entasys is the ideal partner for this kind of sanitation in boats since it has obtained all the world certifications and has gained first-level experience in the field.

Entasys specializes in cleaning and sanitizing air ducts in ships

In the two operational offices in northern and southern Italy, Entasys is able to carry out the entire process of remediation and sanitation of the aeraulic systems for any boat, tugboat, yacht or cruise ship stationed in Italian ports.

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The procedure implemented by Entasys carries out the entire cleaning and sanitizing cycle in different operational phases that follow one another:

  1. Study of the air diffusion system in detail: through a visit to the premises of the boat, it is possible to ascertain the regular functioning of the ventilation system below deck;
  2. Visual inspection : Entasys has remote-controlled robots useful for taking an accurate photograph of the points where dirt is thought to lurk;
  3. Cleaning of impurities present along the entire section of the pipes: by means of specific machinery consisting of brushes calibrated with the correct rotation power, the dust is removed, subsequently incrustations or solid material occur which will be removed with aspirators and jets of compressed air;
  4. Sanitation of pipelines: the thoroughly cleaned system can be sanitized to disinfect it from microorganisms.

Cleaning and sanitizing the pipes in a boat is of considerable importance also to limit the spread of fires on board. In fact, even in the presence of fire dampers, the pipes can cause the spread of fire. This happens when the cleaning and subsequent reclamation of the ventilation systems has not been done for too long or has not been carried out correctly. The mechanism is simple: the large amount of dust accumulated in the pipes is easily flammable and constitutes a high risk of fire. The pipes branch into every room and skip the blocking of the fire dampers.

Coating condotte aerazione

Coating for internally insulated pipes

In some pipes internally insulated with glass wool, after disinfection, a thin film is applied which makes the pipes perfectly smooth and resistant to bacteria and mold. This process, which is called coating, will make the pipes easily treatable later and sanitized for a long time.
The entire ventilation system is thus treated in depth for the health of the occupants of the boat. The certification issued at the end ensures the validity and conformity of the entire process and of the products used that are part of a category specifically authorized by the Ministry of Health.

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Entasys is specialized and known for the level and quality of the sanitation and sanitation work of the aeraulic ducts in boats. Our specialized technicians have obtained the highest certifications to operate safely and assisted by the latest technologies, including robots for inspection and brushing.
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