Grease cleaning and industrial hoods

Cleaning Hoods

Fume hoods and ducts serving the kitchens of canteens, hotels, restaurants, are subject to the formation of fat, charred or viscous deposits.

Artisanal, invasive, time-consuming cleaning methods, not excluding the possible chemical contamination from products used in the vicinity of food, are incompatible and unsatisfactory for the needs of customers.

Entasys adopts innovative operating methodologies: we can guarantee the complete removal of all those fatty, carbonized or viscous residues, which, by accumulating within the galley equipment, impair its smooth operation and cause a high risk of fire.
Using the most modern and eco-friendly technologies, Entasys has developed a highly effective cleaning system.

Pulizia cappe industriali

Video inspection, analysis and brushing
Our cleaning process is carried out by means of a pneumatic machine with rotating brushes, which work with compressed air, and with active foam. The active foam is injected into the pipeline, which impacts the surface full of grease.

The equipment supplied to the staff and the methodological protocol followed were selected for the achievement of a threefold objective:

  • The effective elimination of all types of residue and encrustation in a short time;
  • The applicability of the methodology within each apparatus, regardless of its shape and size, minimizing invasive and disassembly operations;
  • The greatest possible restriction to the use of chemicals.
Pulizia cappe industriali

Grease cleaning in extraction plants

A clean and efficient fume extraction system eliminates the risk of fire, disease and reduces operating costs.

The Pneumatic Action

The fastest and most effective solution to remove grease and clean the extraction ducts, is brushing with specific and highly technological tools. The pneumatic motor and the brushing with the alkaline foam, create an impeccable cleaning process against the most stubborn grease.

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