Entasys is the leading company in Italy, specialised in sanitisation against Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

Entasys is the leading company in Italy, specialised in sanitisation against Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

Sars-Cov-2 virus inactivation in only 60 seconds by means of a wide-spectrum medical product. The compound agent is sprayed evenly throughout the environment. Considering that it is not a toxic product, the personnel access is possible one hour later. Our staff can ensure efficiency and timely treatments, whether the facility is small or large.

Virus inactivated in 60 seconds

The only way to ensure the hygiene of places and buildings is to provide a thorough disinfection. Entasys is able to annihilate the Sars-CoV-2 virus by using a well proven technique and products, which allow to achieve fast and safe results. Today, thanks to the exclusive know-how of Entasys, Covid-19 can be destroyed in only 60 seconds. Laboratory tests have confirmed the results achieved, according to the American agency EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) guidelines. The spray product is odour-free and is not harmful to both soft and hard tissues. Verified laboratory results allow Entasys to sanitise spaces in a short time.

Places available in just 60 minutes from the treatment

The sanitisation of a room, office, or store has hidden costs. That is, the time spent waiting before it is accessible again. In some cases, it takes several hours. By using antibacterial products with tested results, Entasys is able to decontaminate and sanitise potentially infected places in a very short time. Pausing operations for a long time to let the disinfectant take effect will no longer be necessary. The waiting time is comparable to the time needed by a cleaning company to complete their task. So, no more unnecessary and long downtime: only 60 minutes.

Entasys is a company in constant development, always ready to satisfy all needs.

Certificazione sanificazione anti COVID-19
Certificazione sanificazione anti COVID-19

Call for technical support. Entasys’ experts will show you the effectiveness of our exclusive know-how, which is the fastest and safest way to inactivate COVID-19 in just 60 seconds.

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Entasys, the sanitisation experts

Entasys works with the utmost professionalism, advanced and eco-friendly technologies, trained staff, to ensure and certify the maximum efficiency and the safety of people.

sanificazione canali aria

Ventilation pipes and systems cleaning

Clean air ducts break down the risk of contaminated bacterial airborne. Air treatment involves the inspection, collection, and cleaning, using advanced technology. The inspection and maintenance of aeraulic systems are certified procedures, which aim is to guarantee good air quality and avoid the risk of allergies and diseases.

Sanificazione luoghi di lavoro


Sanitisation and disinfection of air, working environments such as offices, factories, stores, and restaurants. Elimination of viral agents, pollens, aimed at preventing the most common health risks (Legionellosis, SARS, Meningitis or irritation of the eyes and respiratory tracts). People spend a long time in workplaces, so they need to be sanitised often.

Sanificazione di cucine ristoranti

Cleaning of vacuum systems

Fume hoods and suction ducts in kitchens, hotels and restaurants are likely to produce greasy, carbonised, or sticky sediments. Entasys uses innovative, eco-friendly, and highly effective operating methods, which guarantee the complete removal of all those greasy, carbonised, or viscous sediments that affect the correct performance of the system and lead to a high risk of fire.

All certifications and the highest quality standards


Cleaning and sanitisation certifications for aeraulic systems
NADCA Certification
AIISA Certification
ICIM ISO 9001 Certification
ICIM ISO 14001 Certification
BS OHSAS 18001 Certification

Lavora in ambiente sanificato

Working in a sanitised environment





A clean and efficient ventilation system in your office, store or business cancels the risk of illness and reduces operating costs.

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