UV-C system for hoods

Eliminates odours and extends the life of the vacuum system

Sistema UV per cappe

The innovative UV technology eliminates the formation of bad agents and reduces the cleaning and maintenance of the vacuum system.

The UV-C band eliminates bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores, moulds and mites destroying their DNA, and inhibiting their reproduction and proliferation.
UV-C technology is a method of physical disinfection with an excellent cost/benefit ratio, it is ecological and, unlike chemical agents, works against all microorganisms without creating resistance.
Cooking foods in restaurants or industrial kitchens generate fat, pollution and unpleasant smells. Inserted inside the hood or the suction system, UV-SMELL-SQ contributes significantly to minimize these inconveniences.

The fats generated by cooking, complex chains composed mainly of carbon and hydrogen, when exposed to intense UV-C radiation, absorb the intense energy.
The molecules become more reactive, because they are placed in a higher energy state, and they recombine with the oxygen present in the air, giving rise to what is called “cold combustion”. From this reaction results simple organic odourless and gaseous products, such as carbon dioxide (CO2) and water, easily disposed of in air.
For these reasons, filtering the air with UV-SMELL-SQ during the normal cooking of foods considerably reduces the formation of fat deposits and the consequent risk of fire, also limiting the growth of moulds that feed on the fats themselves.
UV-SMELL-SQ offers the possibility to work safely and also avoids the formation of bad smells by decreasing the need for continuous cleaning and maintenance of the vacuum system, extending the life of the filters inside the hoods and their aspiration performance.
UV-SMELL-SQ uses UV-C and/or UV-C+O3 (Ozone) emitting bulbs and is the only product of its kind to be equipped with both types of lamps, combining the two technologies also alternately. Ozone is a gas that remains in the air for a few seconds and can prolong the UV-C effects by maximizing the performance of the system, before turning into oxygen.

Lampade UV per cappe


The light is divided into visible rays, infrared and ultraviolet rays.
Ultraviolet (invisible) rays are classified in:

  • UV – A (tanning properties)
  • UV – B (therapeutic properties)
  • UV – C (germicidal properties)

UV – SMELL – SQ reduction of fats and odours

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